The Advent Challenge – you in?

The time has come. We are launching our first ever Equip Pilates challenge on December 1st – The ADVENT Challenge


One of the most frequently asked questions I get is “how many times a week should I be doing Reformer Pilates?”

Obviously there’s no concrete answer that applies for every single person, BUT here’s the general rule of thumb;

If you’re wanting to see and feel lasting results of muscle strengthening and tone, every second day is optimal – so aiming for 6-7 classes per fortnight. 

So that’s exactly what we’ve made this Advent Challenge – completing 12 classes in 24 days leading up to Christmas. This will set you up with such a great routine of regular, consistent exercise – because that’s where the lasting effects are – REGULAR AND CONSISTENT 🙂 

It’s so common for people to put off health related commitments until “after Christmas, in the new year” BUT here’s a thought – imagine WAKING UP on Christmas morning feeling SO MUCH STRONGER than you do today?! Why not gift yourself FEELING AMAZING going into Christmas? 


1st – 24th December 


Simply email us to let us know you’re in and complete 12 classes in the allocated time frame.  

Prize? Of course 🙂 

To acknowledge your efforts if you complete this challenge, we are going to give you 2 FREE class passes if you get through this challenge AND a new pair of socks!

Here’s the thing though, being an Advent Christmas challenge – you can give these 2 Free class passes and socks to someone else if you wish! All that will be required is that the person you want to gift it to makes a Glofox account so we can add the credits!  

So I encourage you – use this little challenge to help kick back into gear if you’ve been struggling to get back into exercise post lockdown – remind yourself why you love Reformer Pilates and how GOOD you feel after it. And why not surprise yourself with just how much better you feel after doing 12 classes in 24 days – I reckon you’ll be blown away! 

Cheering you all the way, 


*Expires 3 weeks (21 days) from date of purchase