IMPORTANT UPDATE – Studio temporarily closed

Our wonderful clients,

Given the statement that the Vic government put out earlier today, (with a heavy heart) we’ve had to make the call to close the studio as of tomorrow for the next period of time. 

Obviously we’d love to be able to keep the doors open for you guys, but as health professionals we understand the important of this social distancing required to curb this horrible virus and definitely want to be on the front foot with compliance and supporting what we understand will help. 

Our goal is to get through this time and then reopen the doors with the goal of maintaining the current schedule as soon as is advisable, but as you know, we have no idea what date this may be. 

It’s very important to us that you understand that you WILL NOT lose any of your passes you have purchased – expiry date will be well and truly extended to give you more time to get through your packs than they were put on hold for. For memberships, your direct debits will cease during this time and any remaining passes on your monthly membership will of course be extended so you have time to use them. We are a client centred business and no one is going to lose out financially from this, please be reassured. 

We are going to look into (as much as we can with 3 little kids – to become 4 in the next month! – at home with us ALL DAY, haha!) what we can do online / web-based options for you during this time in the form of non-Reformer based home workouts, so you can continue an exercise regime for both physical and mental health benefits at home during ‘quarantine’. 

ON A POSITIVE NOTE – some good news to look forward to upon the reopening is that there are plans in place to expand the studio, which will take it from an 8 bed studio to most likely an 11 bed studio, which the Fullife owners had been working towards prior to reopening. So that’s good news, particularly for those who found themselves missing out on their most preferred time to exercise 🙂 

We understand that you may be feeling pretty stressed right now with so many unknowns and I wish we could give you concrete answers to things but all we have is the luxury of being upfront and honest with you – we WILL reopen and the schedule WILL be recommence once again with our regular class schedule. 

We also want to THANK YOU for all your support of Equip Pilates since we opened the doors on Jan 13th this year – you have truly been the most amazingly dedicated clients and it’s been a true pleasure to have provided this service for you thus far and we are really looking forward to re-opening this chapter with you once the health and well being of our beautiful nation is no longer at stake. 

Please stay safe and we’ll keep you posted with updates as available, but know that we will bounce back from this and hopefully you’ll be back on those Reformer soon! 

Praying for you, 

Emma and Matt  

*Expires 3 weeks (21 days) from date of purchase