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We offer both small group classes of up to 9 people run by Reformer Pilates trained health professionals, or 1:1 (Individuals) or 1:2 (Couples) consults can be booked with either our Osteopath or Exercise Physiologist.

We stay true to the Pilates method, giving due attention to form and execution to help you ensure you are getting the most out of your workout. Reformer Pilates is one of the safest strengthening exercise options, so no matter your age, experience, medical history, we encourage you to give it a go!



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Please note – all participants must complete a waiver before commencing classes and we strongly advice completion of the PAR-Q health screening questionnaire in order to assist our trainers to prescribe the safest exercises for you. Click here to view the copy of the waiver form.

Members must cancel their reservations a minimum 8 hours prior to class start time to retain class pass.


Does this business help anyone other than myself?

SO GLAD YOU ASKED! Absolutely yes.

We partner with the Fullife Foundation so that from every class pack you purchase (weekly, monthly & yearly), an essential product is donated by Equip Pilates toward a mother in need in Ethiopia.

Weekly packs: $3 Safe Birthing Kit

Monthly packs: $5 Soap for 4 months for one household

Yearly packs: $10 Nine months iron supplementation for a woman during pregnancy

For more info, click here

Is your studio a COVID Safe space?

Yes! All our instructors are COVID Marshals and we have a COVIDsafe business plan displayed on the wall in the studio should you wish to view it


How long are the classes?

45 minutes  

Is there somewhere to put my stuff?

Yes, each reformer is allocated a storage tub along with a hand sanitiser 

Is there toilets?

Of course!


Yeah you’ll definitely need this. Either bring a bottle or you can purchase a Fullife water bottle for $2 at the studio (contactless payment only), of which all proceeds will go directly to the Fullife Foundation

What do I wear?

Comfortable clothing you can sweat in if required! Leggings and a top seem to get the job done for most people and SOCKS ARE A MUST (we highly recommend grip socks as normal ones can get slippery!). Good news, we actually sell awesome grip socks on site for $12.50 or 2 pairs for $20.

Am I going to be singled out and used as a demonstration example in the class?

No. That would be very anxiety provoking #notourstyle

How do I know if this is a good type of exercise for me?

If we say Pilates is simply awesome for all people then you’ll probably think we are generalising, so here’s a list;

  • Women

  • Prenatal, Pregnancy, Postnatal (…ps – postnatal lasts for years ladies!)

  • Anything that involves a uterus – endometriosis, prolapse, PCOS, infertility

  • Strengthening weak muscles 

  • Improving tone

  • Addressing postural issues 

  • Men

  • Athletes

  • Younger people

  • Older people

  • Chronic health conditions

  • Chronic pain conditions

  • Rehabilitation

  • Management of mental health conditions

  • People who really hate classic gym exercise

  • So basically everyone 

I’ve never done Reformer Pilates before, how am I going to know what to do?!

You’re certainly not alone, a lot of people have never even heard of reformers let alone used one! But, we got you covered. Our instructors cater for all levels of ability and adapt exercise as required for your personal needs

Is there an upper weight limit to who can use a reformer?

Different reformers can cater for individual weights. Our reformers are built for a maximum weight of 150kg. 

Can I do Reformer Pilates if I am pregnant?

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Beyond the first trimester (12-14 weeks), you can do reformer, but we advise you to do so under the care of trained Allied Health (our Osteopath or Exercise Physiologist). Private appointments are available Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons. 

Can I bring my baby/kid to the class?

You are welcome to bring a baby in capsule to private sessions, however we are not able to accommodate older children or babies in group classes. #potentialchaos

Can I do Reformer Pilates if I am postnatal?

Yes you can! In fact, it’s probably one of the best types of exercise you can do post delivery of your beautiful baby! Please advise your instructor at the beginning of the class so they can adjust any exercise to compensate for your recovering body!

Do I have to bring anything?

Yep. We have a policy here that is “no socks = no Pilates” because #gross #footgerms #nothanks

These can be purchase on site, $12.50 for a pair or two pairs for $20.

Also, a hand towel / sweat towel is a great idea 

What if I have a chronic health condition or chronic pain?

Good news for you – Pilates is one of the best forms of exercise for rehabilitation! In fact, it was actually created as a form of rehab for injured ballet dancers #funfact. Due to the lack of strenuous, no high impact and minimal cardiovascular stress if places on the body, Pilates is a great way to strengthen muscles, improve posture, rehabilitate injuries and be able to exercise catering for chronic pain as you can work at your own pace, adjust your level of resistance to suit your abilities and feel safe doing exercises that have been thoughtfully put together by our experienced staff. If you have more complex needs, we strongly encourage you to book in a private 1:1 session with either the Oesteopath or Exercise Physiologist

I’m one of those people that get really hot when I’m exercising – do you have good cooling?

Only the best! We have central ducted air con as well as 3 air fans in the room, including an air purifiers for all those hyper-allergenic.


We are absolutely convinced that it’s not enough to to simply float through life and live for your own benefit.

We are deeply compelled and moved to action by the simple words of Jesus when He said “Love thy neighbour”

And so we are committed in this business to doing just that.

We partner with the Fullife Foundation so that from every class pack you purchase (weekly, monthly & yearly), an essential product is donated by Equip Pilates toward a mother in need in Ethiopia.

Weekly packs: $3 Safe Birthing Kit

Monthly packs: $5 Soap for 4 months for one household

Yearly packs: $10 Nine months iron supplementation for a woman during pregnancy

Pretty cool to think that by you buying a pack of Pilates classes for your own health benefits, you could contribute to potentially saving a life of a precious mum and baby overseas. Now that’s exercise worth investing into. 

“Love your neighbour as yourself…”       – Jesus

For more info, click here

Guy version – we saw a gap, could do something about, and did.

Girl version – pop your feet up and read below 🙂 

What do you get when you cross a Midwife with an Exercise Physiologist? Many things, but in particular, a pair passionate about health and wellness, with a particular soft spot for women’s health!

Matt (the Exercise Physiologist) has been successfully leading an Allied healthcare wellness business for the last 10 years, specialising in  the education of evidenced-based strategies for healthy living. He and his team of Dietitians and Exercise Physiologists have nailed group education to a tee and so many participants across Victoria have not only gladly received their Victorian Government funded Evidence Based health education, they have achieved some incredible results – from improving blood glucose and cholesterol results, shedding excess weight and reducing waist circumference, reducing stress and improving quality of sleep and understanding enough to implement strength training (the super power of preventative health). 

This has kept the team reasonably (OK, at times, ridiculously!) busy the last decade, but where we had a gap in our service was being able to provide an ongoing space to maintain exercise. 

Fast forward to me (Emma – the Midwife) LOVING working as a midwife, catching babies and providing postnatal care at Mercy Hospital for Women, and then popping out a few babies of my own (ok, not popping out – it’s not called labour for nothing am I right?) and we were abruptly faced with the large gap that is SAFE EVIDENCE BASED EXERCISE for women – either postnatally, or for anyone with uterine “issues” (think endometriosis, PCOS, etc). 

My first baby fractured my coccyx with a convenient turn of her head on the way out (lucky for her she was a complete angel baby so all was forgiven, ha). Not gonna lie, that a pretty nasty injury to recover from! From about 6 months, I saw an Osteopath and did some clinical Pilates to help bring some structure back to my whacked up pelvis, but to be honest, it was really expensive – and while it was GREAT, it was not financially maintainable. 

Fast forward 2 more babies, and some intense pelvic instability and pubic symphysis dysfunction (if you know – YOU KNOW. OUCH.) and by the time baby number 3 entered the world, my pelvis had once again taken a fair beating. Once he was out the pain was gone, but the INSTABILITY that remained shocked me. Once again, back to the osteopath but it took me a WHOLE YEAR to be able to balance on one leg again (I know this because that’s how long it took to be able to put undies on without having to hold onto something. Keeping it real). 

Having understood the evidence base behind Reformer Pilates, we both decided it would be a great option for me to try and regain some core strength and stability. So I took myself down to a large group class and while I loved the machine and some of the exercises, as a midwife, I was HORRIFIED to see what was being prescribed as “safe and effective” in the postnatal classes, let alone some of regular ones. 

I remember looking at the woman next to me in a “postnatal class”, who had had a c-section only weeks prior, attempting to do these exercises given by the instructor and I was FREAKING out she was going to severely damage herself. I was constantly given exercises that I’d have to say over and over again that I was not able to do and “hey, I’m still learning how to walk properly let alone this!”. 

I knew that Reformer Pilates was the exercise answer that my body needed, but I also knew that the exercise prescribed in the POSTNATAL class I was in was simply negligent and not safe. 

Matt gave it a go too (the regular classes, they didn’t let him in the postnatal group, ha) and even as a super fit person (one of those annoyingly super fit can-run-20km-no-sweat kind of people), while he was challenged by the exercise, could also immediately identify the exercise prescription that was either unsafe or simply unhelpful to daily functioning, even for a fit and injury-free population. 

So we talked about it. Quite a few times. Around burping our babies, around mundane daily living and amidst the chaos that is 3 small children in one household. There was a gap and we could see it. And we could do something about it. We knew how to run a healthcare business founded on Evidence Based Healthcare and we knew we could source the right health professionals who could prescribe exercise in a safe, effective and beneficial way to different populations

And so, fast forward to now. We have a beautiful, brand new 9 bed COVID-Safe reformer studio, conveniently located in the upstairs level of a pharmacy (with a CRACKING cafe downstairs. Best. Coffee.) in the heart of Mill Park, which is staffed with a mix of Allied Health (Osteopath and Exercise Physiologist) as well as EXPERIENCED Pilates Instructors who are all committed to giving you the best experience of Reformer Pilates, at an affordable price, and seeing you become stronger, more aligned and experience exercise in a positive way that you might not have before. 

We genuinely believe in the benefits of Reformer Pilates. We honestly wouldn’t waste our time on birthing a business we weren’t totally behind. We hope you enjoy and truly benefit from this service we are offering! And if you’ve read this far, good on you and thank you 🙂 

Cheering you all the way into good health, 

Emma and Matt Shanks

Why invest your time in reformer pilates?

Exercise is an investment in your health. And an investment of time and money. So you want to be reassured that you are investing well and not wasting time, money or effort! 

Here’s some simple reasons why Reformer Pilates is a worthwhile investment;


Building Muscular endurance and capacity 

To put simply, the effort required of your muscles when doing pilates results in them adapting to become stronger, leaner, have better endurance and even increase your connective tissue strength! This means that overall your muscles are better equipped to cope with the demands of everyday life with less fatigue, less chance of injury and improved lifting capacity. Pilates will not make you “bulky” but strengthen and tone your muscles. 


Greatly improve Core Strength

Pilates is not a sloppy form of exercise by any means and by nature requires good form and technique by ensuring correct positioning and stabilisation of your core muscles – which in turn results in you strengthening them! #win. We could go on for pages about the importance of having a strong core for the wellbeing of your life, but in summary, this HUGELY reduces your risk of lower back injuries and pain, issues with your pelvic floor and associated areas, postural concerns and your ability to lift and carry things. 


Postural improvement 

Did you know that many pilates clients have to adjust their rearview mirror when they drive home from a class because even just one class can improve your posture that much?! It’s true! A big part of reformer pilates is helping to strengthen and improve the alignment of the spine, helping to give you overall better stability and support and will literally help you stand straighter and taller! By correcting muscular imbalances in the spine and improving overall posture, the risk of injury becomes less and many clients also see a reduction in lower back pain and “niggles” 


Greater Flexibility

Often an overlooked component of health (“why do I need to be more flexible? I’m not a gymnast”), flexibility is actually a really important factor! It’s the thing that helps allow your muscles to function with greater range of motion and reduces the amount of stress on your joints and strain on your muscles. Stiff or sore? Improving your flexibility can really help and pilates will definitely help you increase your range of motion and get those muscles functioning in a more flexible way! 


Better Breathing

There’s breathing and there’s BREATHING. We all breathe, fairly basic life skill, but Pilates will help you learn how to breath BETTER. Yep, that’s a thing. Learning how to use your breathe in conjunction with movement can results in greater lung capacity, reduction in fatigue, greater oxygen supply to your body as well as reducing stress and anxiety. This a great life skill that can be implemented both on and off the reformer! 


Postnatal and Pelvic Area Rehab

It takes, on average, 9 months to grow baby. You’re body works extremely hard to support and accommodate a growing life within you. The muscles, connective tissues and ligaments cope a beating of hormone fluctuations that loosen them and can cause issues for women in pregnancy like pelvic instability, back pain, nerve compression, pubic bone dysfunction and just the general discomfort of growing a human squished inside you for that long. 

Then comes the birth. Vaginal or C-section, there is often elements that women need further recovery from – wounds and stitches from torn tissues, the realignment of everything in the pelvis and abdomen as the body adapts to a contracted, empty uterus once again, blood loss that will impact each woman differently, the aftermath of separated abdominal muscles (DRAM), a pelvic floor that could range from good to non-existent….it’s a lot right? 

So, we are firm believer in that the FIRST YEAR POSTNATAL IS A REHAB YEAR. 

Your body needs TIME and the right kind of SAFE AND EFFECTIVE AND HELPFUL exercise to come out the other side a strong and healthy woman. And lets face it, we need to be strong and healthy because parenting kids takes a LOT out of you!  

Firstly, congrats on growing and bringing a tiny human into the world – this is no small task! 

You can’t really anticipate how your body will be in the postnatal period, because it’s full of unknowns, even if you’ve had a baby or multiple babies before! But what you can know is that your body needs a gracious and TLC approach to regaining it’s normal function and strength after pregnancy. 

I feel you, I see you and I hear you. As a midwife, I’ve worked with countless women in the first few days of their postnatal existence and it’s a bubble full of change to what was your previous life. I’ve been there myself, blessed with four beautiful children seven and under. 

I know what it’s like to recover from birth,

… from tears and stitches, 

… from a fractured coccyx (yep, how’s that for a birth injury?! Thank you baby #1), 

… from a DRAM, 

… from hormonal fluctuations that are unpredictable and inconvenient, ranging from the “EMOTIONS” to the chunks of postpartum hairloss 

… from being essentially malnourished for 9 months from hyperemesis 

… from severe pelvic instability that I had to re-learn how to walk with a normal gait again (thank you baby #3), 

… from EXHAUSTION beyond words of a refluxy baby (thank you baby #2), 

… from the aches that are unique to your muscles when feeding a baby for countless hours spanning weeks and months,

… from the fog that comes from getting up more times in a night than you can remember and still trying to function as a normal human

And the thing with postnatal recovery is it takes a heck of a lot longer to recover than the superficial wounds do. Stitches, incisions, tears and grazes all heal within weeks, but the toll taken on your body from carrying and birthing that baby – regardless of how they got out of you – remains. 

There is no “bouncing back” from a having a baby. That’s what uneducated people buy into. Recovery from pregnancy and delivery is something that takes months of SLOW AND STEADY progress to do it right. Hopefully once you’ve had your baby you’ll become more aware of how unimportant what your body looks like is and how incredibly important a healthy and well functioning body is. Motherhood demands a LOT of you and if you take the time to invest in getting yourself well, you’re going to enjoy the ride a whole lot more 🙂 

Exercise is great in the postnatal period but IT MUST BE THE RIGHT KIND. 

It breaks my heart to see women setting aside the time and energy (because lets face it, neither of those are like OVERFLOWING in abundance with a baby) to invest back into their body that’s worked so flaming hard growing and birthing a baby with exercise that INCREASES THEIR RISK OF INJURY or just isn’t helpful. 

And the thing is, if you don’t take the time to recover well from whatever it was that pregnancy and birthed hurled at you – if you don’t rehab those little muscles that are so imperative to your core and pelvic floor – the effects of “postnatal” can last…for decades. Women in their 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and beyond who suffer STILL from issues from pregnancy and birth because their rehab was not attended to earlier. 

Don’t let that be you ok?

Your body is incredibly adaptable. Being pregnant will show you what your body can do – or survive through. 

It deserves your respect and investment in the postnatal period. You CAN get strong again. You CAN get fit again. You CAN become a healthier version of yourself AFTER having a baby than you were before. 

This is why I’m passionate about this studio reaching the population who I care so deeply for and the reason I became a midwife in the first place. 

Pilates will help. It’s achievable. It’s doable. And most important, it will give you the return your are looking for – a stronger, leaner, more capable body that is at reduced risk of injury and steadily recovering from having a baby. 

I am cheering you on all the way and I hope what you gain from this studio is a blessing to you and your family. 

Emma x



Co-Founder – Midwife and Nurse


Co-Founder – Exercise Physiologist, Founder of Equip4life


Reformer Pilates Trainer
Physical Education Teacher


Reformer Pilates Trainer
Sports Therapist


Reformer Pilates Instructor


All things administrative #cannotteachpilates 


Exercise Physiologist 
Reformer Pilates Instructor


Reformer Pilates Instructor


Reformer Pilates Instructor


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