January Jumpstart Challenge!

Hi guys! 

Firstly, we really hope your 2021 has started peacefully 🙂

We understand (on a personal level!) that keeping an exercise routine in the last year was *difficult* and that sometimes when you’ve been out of routine for a while, it can feel really hard to jump back on board, even though you know you’ll feel better. So, here is a challenge designed to help get you back on track with regular Reformer Pilates as we know that CONSISTENCY IS KEY with getting optimal results with exercise 🙂 

January Jumpstart challenge

11th-31st Jan

11 classes in 21 days. 

Of course, we will reward your efforts if you complete this 🙂 And, it’s a good one guys, it’s a GOOD ONE 🙂


1x $10 Fullife Pharmacy voucher (good for anything in the store including medications – yes please!)

1x $10 Thrive Cafe voucher (…have you met Nath yet? The guy can MAKE COFFEE)

1x Class Credit – you can keep this OR you can gift it to a friend/family who’d like to try a class with you! 

What do you need to do? Complete the classes and email us to let us know you did it! It’s that easy 🙂 

So, you in? 

Emma xx

Ps – Matt and I are committing to this too – that’s 22 classes between us in 21 days juggling 4 little kids. Wish us luck, lol. 

Also, I’ve just copied some of the feedback below from the last Challenge we ran…

I certainly feel more toned and defined than I did a month ago 🙂

  • AS

Equip Pilates has been my saving grace during 2020! It’s been such a good way of escaping the craziness of the outside world. I’ve never enjoyed any form of exercise until I started reformer Pilates. I feel very confident with my own body now and feel the strongest I’ve ever felt. Thank you to all the lovely trainers for being so motivating, patient and helpful. Can’t wait to smash out more classes in 2021 🙂

  • MP

I’m quite proud of myself for staying committed and being consistent with getting my fitness back on track. My strength, balance and body confidence have improved a lot.

  • AT

I have completed the challenge! It’s been great, definitely feeling more confident and fit, I really enjoyed it.

  • SD

My hips feel so much better. It’s the first exercise I’ve done post birth and had such bad suprapubic pain. 1 month later I can do exercises I couldn’t do at the start and my lower back pain is a lot better. 

  • BC

All 12 sessions are complete! Thanks for a wonderful challenge. It really got me into gear and provided the extra motivation I needed!

  • MF

I have completed the challenge & will write more when I get a chance about how much better I’m feeling in my body & mind.

Thank you to all at Equip Pilates… you’re helping me change my life.

  • NM

Usually I’ve been going to 2 classes a week but after 3 sessions a week I found that my technique, stamina and body composition improved. I am going to try and keep up with 3 sessions a week. 

  • LP

I really enjoyed this challenge and I’ve definitely noticed a difference in my flexibility and strength. I have been able to do more advanced moves that I didn’t think I could do at the start of the month.

  • KP

This was a great opportunity for me to push myself and see what my limits were with my injury and see how I would cope. I honestly didn’t think it would be able to do it, but I made it to the end and my back is feeling better than ever! 

  • AC

Firstly – thank you for creating the Advent Challenge. What a great incentive to ensure we prioritise our own well-being during this hectic Christmas period and provide our bodies with some much needed stress relief after this incredibly challenging year!

Secondly – thank you to all of the incredible instructors at Equip Pilates Mill Park. 

Whilst completing this challenge, I have now done classes with every instructor. They are all

So talented and each bring something unique to their sessions which allows for some incredible variety and wonderful opportunities to use the reformer and challenge my body in so many innovative ways.

Every session is fun and provides an opportunity for the group to encourage and support one another as we continue to improve.

You have truly built such a motivated and supportive community!

Finally as I reflect back on the fourteen classes I have completed throughout December – I notice many things about myself

I feel stronger.

I find myself more often putting on ‘intermediate springs’ rather than beginner.

I am more conscious of the way I carry my body, and more appreciative of the muscles that work daily to provide me with movement.

So thank you to whole team at Equip who have made us smile, greeted us like friends and  challenged us to build the strength in our bodies that we didn’t even know we needed!!

  • JC
*Expires 3 weeks (21 days) from date of purchase